Get to Know Wednesday: Demi Lovato

A spotlight on an artist set to heat up the AC stage!

July 18, 2018

Get to Know Wednesday is your day to really get to know the artists we feature, the creators of the music we all love.  We get excited when that coincides with one of those artists playing a local venue, because then we know you've got an opportunity for a really special live music experience.

Because Demi Lovato is set to appear ON THE BEACH in Atlantic City next Thursday, we decided to focus our spotlight on this fierce, lifelong performer.

Demi was, originally, one of the children on Barney & Friends and then a teen Disney star, and her career, already established at a young age, skyrocketed as she grew.  Presently, she is selling out  stadiums and writing hits, an immediately recognizable face among the Who's Who of celebrities.

However, her rise to fame has been anything but smooth.  She has faced mental illness, a substance abuse issue, and bulimia nervosa, all of which she battles on a daily basis for the highest possible quality of life.  She released a painfully honest YouTube documentary about her struggles, Simply Complicated, which can be watched in its entirety below.

Nor is her story all wrapped up in a pretty little bow.  She recently released a new single, called "Sober", admitting a recent relapse.  However, it would appear that she has already picked herself back up and gotten back on track, reaching out to her support circle and taking it one day at a time.

Now, we wouldn't be talking about Demi if she wasn't coming to town, and...indeed...she's coming to town!  You can find her in Atlantic City on July 26th, and the show...her only local appearance...promises to be out of this world.  We even surprised a pair of sisters with a pair of Meet and Greets, and, in the style of true #Lovatics who are obsessed with, and inspired by, Demi Lovato, they were ecstatic.  :)

You can still get tickets here