Get to Know Wednesday: Maroon 5 and "Girls Like You"

This video's cast of strong women is empowering and refreshing!

June 6, 2018

Maroon 5 has been busy, and they're not planning on stopping any time soon.

We're making them the spotlight of our "Get to Know Wednesday" segment for a number of reasons, but we'll cap off our explanation at just two.  The first of which is that THEY'RE COMING HERE.  Yes, that's right...July 15th, at the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City.  It's right on the beach, it's an amazing venue, and everything is still sparkly-shiny-new, so you'll probably be the first of your friends to see a show there...but definitely not the last!

Tickets for that show, BTW, are available HERE.

The other reason we're featuring Maroon 5 has to do with a video they released last week, which is powerful, moving, and so, so timely.  The song is "Girls Like You", and Cardi B is actually featured on the track.  Now, Cardi is one great example of a strong, fierce, brave, and talented woman, so we could understand if Maroon 5 thought she would be enough to appeal to a female demographic.  But, they're Maroon 5, and it's 2018, and they were NOT going to stand for that.

Instead, there is a WHOLE CAST of strong, fierce, brave, and talented women starring in the video, enough that the viewer is left in awe of the starpower which has just appeared on their screen.  Who makes an appearance, you might be wondering?  Well, everyone from Camila Cabello to Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman to Ellen DeGeneres to Wonder Woman Gal Gadot.  And all of these women are featured as themselves, rocking out, living their truths and enjoying the ride.  

A rousing hand for Maroon 5, who know that strong women inspire strong boys and girls who grow into the kind of men and women we need right now.  And way to represent the X chromosome, ladies!

You can see the video below!