Gritty's Bird Box Challenge Also Throws Shade at Cody Parkey

Was he BLINDFOLDED when he took that kick???

January 8, 2019

96.5 TDY is all about what's trending, and the perfect alignment of trendy things which just happened has caught our attention.  Namely?  It's a trifecta:  Gritty.  Bird Box Challenge.  The Birds...and, by extension, Cody Parkey, who missed the game-deciding field goal at Sunday's match-up, resulting in a win for our beloved city.

All this happened at the Flyers game last night, when Gritty trolled the Bears kicker for his *ahem* unfortunate loss and the missed kick which led to it.  

Let's recap this:  Gritty?  Awesome.  Bird Box Challenge?  Awesome.  Birds Win?  AWESOME.

Time to go out with a "Fly Eagles Fly" and a sincere thank you to Gritty for keepin' Philly as weird as he kept it in 2018.  Here's to 2019, another banner year for the birds and a great time to live right here!