Happily Ever After: Mayor Kenney Poses for Photo with JAY-Z at the Linc!

Made in America Controversy? What Made in America Controversy? These two are bros!

July 31, 2018

Last night was BEYONCE and JAY-Z's show at Lincoln Financial Field, our local stop on their On The Run II Tour.  

Now, if you were a little worried about how everything would go, you're not alone.  After the uproar over the Made in America Festival being moved off the Parkway...and then moved back ON the Parkway...it would make sense if JAY-Z was feeling a bit testy towards the city and it's mayorial leader, Jim Kenney.

BUT...fear not.  Because, evidently, the two posed for a photo before last night's show, looking ever-so-friendly and every bit like the business partners needed to keep the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia.  

Mayor Kenney himself posted the photo, commenting in the caption about his excitement over future festivals.

Don't those two look pretty chummy?  It's nice to see that JAY-Z's camp can forgive the mayor's original decision, while the mayor clearly harbors no ill will towards the music mogul.  It's safe to say many years of the Made in America festival are in our city's future, and who knows?  A budding bromance between the mayor's office and JAY-Z's production company could continue to reap all kinds of benefits for the city, not to mention that it's nice to see bygones be bygones.  We'll see you at Made in America this Labor Day!