JAY-Z and BEYONCE Are "On the Run"...with Their Whole Family!

The U.S. leg of the On the Run II Tour kicked off last week, and JAY-Z and BEYONCE are happy to share it with their children.

July 30, 2018

It's an understatement to say that JAY-Z and BEYONCE are superstars.  They have transcended superstardom.  They are literally historical figures at this point.  They will not be forgotten.

But, sometimes it's easy to forget that they're also parents.  And just like any other parents, they try to maintain a work/life balance, be present for their children, and make memories as a family.  Some photographs have just emerged which show those efforts a bit, and the internet is agog over how cute this family appears.  They pair is notoriously close-lipped about their children, so these pictures are a bit of a departure from the norm.  You can check them out on Beyonce's website, or on people.com.  

The U.S. leg of JAY-Z and BEYONCE's "On the Run II" Tour opened last Wednesday in Cleveland...and, as we must ALL be aware, is stopping by Lincoln Financial Field tonight...and it is officially a family affair.  The pair's three children have joined them on the road, which must be a very special experience for the entire group.  

The tour runs through October 4th, so there are probably many more memories in the making for the happy family.  We are just excited to get our little piece of the famous couple here in Philly!  If you're heading to the show tonight, be safe, have fun, and let us know what a great time you had!