Jet Blue Staff Save Dog's Life Mid-Air with Oxygen Mask

The French Bulldog was in distress when the airline staff sprang into action!

July 10, 2018

Michelle and Steven Burt were flying from Florida to Massachusetts with their 3 year-old French Bulldog, Darcy.  

The flight was uneventful until Darcy began to show signs of distress...her tongue turned blue, and she was struggling to breathe.

Apparently, respiratory issues are common among the breed.  Dogs with short noses, or brachycephalic dogs, are at a higher risk for breathing problems when flying because they are more vulnerable to changes in air quality and temperature, AVMA says.

Michelle and Steven panicked, but, luckily, the Jet Blue staff knew just what to do.

They gave Darcy oxygen through a mask, holding it in place while the little dog recovered.

Says Michelle, "I believe (crew members) Renaud and Diane saved a life.  Some may reduce the value of the life because Darcy is a canine. I do not."

After a short time, Darcy was revived and feeling much better.

Un perro que viajaba en un avión de #Florida a #Massachusetts necesitó una máscara de oxígeno para no morir de hipoxia, es decir, de falta de oxígeno en el cuerpo. ------ . El bulldog francés de tres años llamado #Darcy, comenzó a mostrar signos de angustia y a respirar con dificultad. Su lengua comenzó a ponerse azul y sus dueños, #Michele y #StevenBurt, pidieron auxilio a la tripulación. . La hipoxia puede ser mortal, por esta razón la tripulación del avión, de la compañía JetBlue, acudió al rescate con una máscara de oxígeno. . "Puse la máscara sobre su rostro, y en unos minutos se puso alerta y después de un corto tiempo no quería la máscara", escribió Michele en su página de #Facebook. . Por su parte, la aerolínea reconoció en un comunicado a #ABCNews el trabajo rápido de la tripulación, que brindó más tranquilidad a los pasajeros. "Todos queremos asegurarnos de que todos tengan un vuelo seguro y cómodo, incluidos los de cuatro patas", dijo la empresa en el documento.-- · · · · · · · · #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogs #dogstagram #instadog #puppy #doggy #dogoftheday #doglover #nationalpetday #dogs_of_instagram #cute #ilovemydog #love #pet #puppylove #doggie #doglife #instagood #animals #dogsofinsta #pets #doglovers

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In an age when airlines are getting a bad rap, it's so refreshing to hear about the Jet Blue staff who jumped into action when one of their passengers needed assistance...even if that passenger is just a dog.  The airline released a statement after the incident explaining their response:

"We all want to make sure everyone has a safe and comfortable fight, including those with four legs. We're thankful for our crew's quick thinking and glad everyone involved was breathing easier when the plane landed in Worcester."

So are we, Jet Blue!