Made in America...BACK ON THE PARKWAY?!

If you've been following along, this latest development is probably blowing your mind.

July 24, 2018

Ok.  Let's all take a breath for a second.  There is a lot that just happened, and when combined with things that have already happened, there's just A LOT to process.

So, we've been covering this Made in America controversy for awhile.  First it was JAY-Z calling out Mayor Kenney for moving future Made in America Festivals off the Parkway.  Then it was Mayor Kenney appealing to JAY-Z and Roc Nation to keep the show in Philly, in another location.  JAY-Z then had something to say about the manner in which Philadelphia was doing business, and the necessity of the Parkway to "the pulse of the festival."

THEN Milwaukee...yes, that's Milwaukee, Wisconsin...threw their hat into the ring, offering to host Made in America if Philadelphia didn't truly "value" the concert.  Well, that must have been unacceptable to the mayor office, becaue guess what happened next:

That's right.  Total 180.  Whatever happened behind Monday's closed-door meeting between the Mayor and ROC Nation, both parties emerged happy with the resolution:  Made in America will be staying in Philly where it belongs, right on the heart of the Parkway.

Says Mayor Kenney, "We think it’s a very important event for the city. We think it’s a very important event for our profile, and we want to make it work and we want to see it stay here."  

And stay here it will, not just for 2019, but in perpetuity.  

Never underestimate the power of JAY-Z!