New Wawa Coffee Stout a Win for All of Delco

Your favorite coffee works surprisingly well in beer, too.

December 10, 2018

Winter is here, the coffee is flowing, and all of Delco is awash with holiday spirit as we approach the New Year.  And you know why spirits are high and moods have lifted?  It's not the thought of presents; it's not the new beginning of a new year.  It's because there now exists COFFEE BEER FROM WAWA, and...according to's a slam dunk.

© Jerry Habraken, The News Journal

That's right...just in time for the holidays, a partnership between Wawa and Delco-based 2SP Brewing has created the Wawa Winter Reserve Coffee Stout, and it's everything your Delco heart could wish for for the holidays.

It features your favorite Wawa coffee in a rich, creamy, smooth, oak-y stout with an ABV of 6.5%.  Billy Penn's reviewer writes, "On first sip, any idea of heaviness falls away. After a tinge of tartness, the liquid glides into a roasty smoothness that’s entirely gulpable — a swallow goes down with no harshness at all. Along with a slight hint of clove, the oatmeal creaminess is present, but it’s not weighty or cloying, and there’s zero bitter aftertaste."

© Jerry Habraken, The News Journal

Now, before you start planning to buy a keg for everyone on your list, however, it bears noting:  Only 1,000 cases were brewed, and they are selling out FAST.  The Chadds Ford Wawa...the only Wawa with a liquor license...did a release on December 6th, and sold out lightening quick.  The rest of the remaining beer is being sold in 16 oz four-packs, and are available THIS WEEK at a number of distributors (see below.)  The Wawa Winter Reserve Stout is also on tap in 2SP's tasting room in Aston.

Now's the time to run out and grab that perfect gift for Aunt Mary Pat, your best friend, or your local Wawa/Craft Beer fan...just like the holidays, this brew won't last forever!

Here's where you can snag the stout:


Bella Vista Beverage

Bell Beverage

Springfield Beverage

Bottle Shop Passyunk


Delaware County

Aston Beverage

Brewers Outlet

Domestic & Import

EZ Beverage

Whole Foods Glenn Mills


Chester County

Exton Beverage

Goshen Beverage


Waywood Beverage


Montgomery County

Kunda Beverage

Amber Beverage

Big Top Rosyln

Frank Smith


Bucks County

Cold Spring Beverage

Bound Beverage

Richboro Beer & Soda