Nine Injured Over Two Days in Annual Running of the Bulls

The yearly tradition is underway in Pamplona, and someone has already gotten gored.

July 10, 2018

The San Fermin festival in Pamplona, located in northern Spain, began last Friday, July 6th.  The festival, celebrating the patron saint of Navarra, runs for eight days.  It's most famous for its 400 year-old morning tradition...the Running of the Bulls.  

Bulls charge behind a mass of brave daredevils, many dressed in traditional white and red attire, for 825 meters (half a mile).  The morning runs through the pavement of the old town streets last between three and 10 minutes.

This year, the Red Cross is reporting that nine people have already been injured over two days.  At least one of those injuries was an individual being gored by a bull.  

If you're at all curious how these injuries could have been sustained, take a look at the video below of a brief segment of the run.

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In recent years, animal rights' groups have been vocal in taking issue with the festival, particularly the deaths of the bulls by matadors after the bullfights each evening.

You can keep following along with the Running of the Bulls at the festival's website.  Best wishes to the participants for good health (and luck!) over the next several days!