No Way, Milwaukee...Made in America is OURS

The future of the festival is unknown, and other cities are noticing.

July 23, 2018

If you've been following along, you know now that the Made in America Festival, hosted by JAY-Z's company Roc Nation, will not be held on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway after the 2018 concert.  Moreover, JAY-Z is less than pleased with how his show was booted from the prime location, as well as the way he was informed of the social media, rather than Mayor Kinney's office.

Well, there's been developments.

Today, Mayor Kenney is reportedly meeting with executives from Roc Nation.  The plan?  Ideally, to find another location in Philadelphia where the festival can be held.  Mayor Kenney is adament that he wants the concert to be held in Philly, but feels the stress on the Parkway and its infrastructure is too great to continue using that location.  

But NOW...

Milwaukee has apparently contacted JAY-Z, and is offering to host Made in America indefinitely.  The city points to its numerous summer shows, and its nickname as the "City of Festivals", as proof that it would be the best host for JAY-Z's concert.  Adding insult to injury, Milwaukee city officials implied that Philadelphia does not value the show, or its impact on tourism, the way it should:

Milwaukee...are you aware who won the last Super Bowl?  We are the underdogs, we're scrappy, and we're not giving up so easily.  After all, Made in America has produced over $102 million in revenue for the city over the years, and it puts us, once again, in the National spotlight where we belong.

No news yet on the outcome of Mayor Kenney's meeting, but keep checking back for news...hopefully, no one will have to fly to Milwaukee for Made in America in 2019!