Our Very Important Teachers for 2018!

These are the educators who go above and beyond...nominated by their students!

May 8, 2018

Here at 96.5 TDY, we understand the importance of a good education.  We recognize that teaching is a near-impossible job, and have nothing but respect for the people who embrace the profession. And embrace it they do.

In celebration of that, on today, Teachers Appreciation Day, we wanted to let a few V.I.T.s...very important teachers...how much they mean to us.  But more than that, we wanted to let them know how much they mean to their students and families.

We asked for nominations for some extra-special educators, and you gave us SO MANY!  It was nearly impossible to narrow it down, but narrow it down we did, and below you'll see the lucky recipients of flowers, a lovely award, a gift card and other goodies thanks to Shriners Hospitals, and the pleasure of Bennett, Bex, and Bobby Smith's company!

Tiffiany Cunningham:  "This teacher is one in a million & deserves to be recognized even in the smallest way. We at Webster want Philly to know we got one of the best!!!"

Tiffiany Cunningham is a 5th grade teacher at John H. Webster elementary school.  She was nominated more than any other teacher in the entire contest!  Over twenty different students, coworkers, and friends of all ages declared her a Very Important Teacher due to her devotion to her students and her creativity and patience with helping children to grow.







Andre Lopez:  "He's not just there to educate, but he's there to change our lives."

Andre Lopez is a high-school English teacher at Lenape High School.  He's pictured below with one of the many students by whom he was nominated, as well as English Supervisor Larry Strittmatter and principal Tony Cattani.  His slightly older students had nothing but praise to heap on the teacher, including, "Mr. Andre Lopez is not only a phenomenal English teacher, but he cares deeply about each and every single one of his students."  I don't think anything we could add would be better than that.









Fran Formica:  "As a parent, I feel truly blessed that my son has her as a teacher."

Fran Formica is a kindergarten teacher at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School.  Her nominations were wholly grateful parents, complimenting her teaching style, her patience, and her ability to individually nurture an entire classroom of 5 and 6 year olds.  She is known for relating to her young students, helping each and every one find their own personal path.











Mr. Macnamara:  The community is a much better place because of Mr. Macnamara & I'm honored to know him."

Mr. Macnamara...AKA Mr. Mac...is a four-grade teacher at Highland Elementary, and an inspiration, according to some of the parents and students who nominated him.  He runs a science club called "Genius Hour" that focuses on pressing scientific issues and STEM activities.  More than one child has since decided to be a scientist.  His greatest quality, it would seem, it encouraging his students to challenge themselves in all situations...even if they don't succeed at first.


We had also hoped to surprise Ms. Russo at Stewart Middle School, but she was ill today, to our great dismay.  :(

And there you have it!  These are indeed some V.I.T.s...though, don't think we don't see you, other teachers.  You're all very important, indescribably important, and the great response we had from your students and coworkers during our contest just affirms that.  We recognize you for all you do, for all of us!