Parrot Uses Alexa to Order from Amazon While Owner is Away

This UK-based bird has a very particular shopping list.

December 17, 2018

If you have an Amazon Alexa, you surely know how wonderful a tool it can be.  With just your voice...without even having to can accomplish almost anything.  News, traffic, music, groceries...with a simple, "Alexa!", you have the internet at your fingertips.

For one parrot owner in the U.K., however, the ease of ordering which Alexa provides has led to some...issues.

Enter Rocco, an African gray parrot.  The vocal bird is owned by Marion Wischnewski, who works away from her home during the day.  And in her absence, Rocco has apparently learned to use Alexa to order things from Amazon.  

In case you were wondering, he likes ordering watermelon and strawberries, but also attempted to place orders for light bulbs, ice cream and a kite.

Reports a Pittsburgh paper, Marion says, "I have to check the shopping list when I come in from work and cancel all the items he's ordered." 

Never to be accused of being one-sided, the parrot ALSO can use Alexa to play music while Marion is away.  His favorite?  Kings of Leon.

It didn't take Marion long to put a parental lock on her Amazon account, and thank goodness for that...who knows how many kites she would have come home to one of these days!