Philadelphia Bakery Creates Wedding Cake Made of Meat

The cake from Stargazy British bakery was made of pork and beef.

July 20, 2018

Philly has made a name for itself in a number of ways recently...our World Championship football team, our James Beard-winning chefs, our prestigious universities.  And, now, we can add one to the list:  Our bakeries, which go above and beyond to make their clients' wishes come true on their big days.

Stargazy British bakery is known for its English-inspired savory pies.  And when two regular customers got engaged and asked owner Sam Jacobson to create something special for their wedding day, they should have known what they were in for!

Because what they were in for was a multi-tiered, meat-filled, savory wedding cake.  Behold:


There is pork in all but one of those layers, the remaining layer being vegetarian for those guests who might eschew the meaty delicacy.  The cake took a solid 12 hours, but was clearly worth it...Sam has been getting a lot of recognition for this meat wedding cake, including a write-up in Food and Wine, which has christened the creation "the next big thing in wedding cakes."

Apparently, Sam also recreated the concept in honor of Megan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry, even embellishing the cake with pickles and boiled eggs, and including a breakfast-inspired layer with sausage, bacon, black pudding, eggs, and cheese.  He sold it by the slice, to great acclaim.

So, if you're fixing to get hitched, why not consider an alternate to a fondant covered sugar explosion?  After all, you know what your guests really want?  MEAT.