Philadelphia Finally Has Its Own Rage Room

Get out your pent-up aggression at this warehouse filled with breakables!

December 19, 2018

If there's one thing that we like here at 96.5 TDY, it's being at the forefront of a trend.

After all, slam poet Beau Sia said, "I don't want to be trendy, I want to be a trendsetter."

Well, that's how we feel, too.  So of course we've noticed the rage room trend.   And that's why we're so glad that Philly now boasts its very own rage room, which have been slowly appearing all around the country, to great acclaim.  It's the first of its kind in the city, and seems destined to become the trendy locale for professional outings, reunions, parties, or dates.

What's a rage room?  Well, picture that famous scene from "Office Space" where the engineers beat up the printer...and that's essentially it!  It's a way to channel frustration and aggression out with force, upon innumerable breakable objects...though, the owners are quick to remind, a rage room is NOT meant to be a replacement for therapy.

Rage Room Philadelphia is owned by a mother and daughter team, who spent a great deal of time researching this business before opening...mainly, how to keep ragers safe from flying glass and plastic shrapnel.  What do your hard-earned dollars get you?  There are varying levels of pricing, but it is a certain amount of time in the room (in which you're encouraged to break things on the walls and against tables), with musical accompaniment of your choice, and various types and sizes of breakables provided.

You can see the pricing scheme HERE.

So head on over to 55th and Baltimore if you're feeling stressed, and take out all that angst on some televisions, keyboards, glasses, flatware, monitors...if it breaks, you can break it.  And if you break just might feel better.  :)