Philly Included in List of Most Innovative Cities on the Globe

An Australian data research company released its Innovation Cities Index rankings of the world's 500 most innovative cities.

August 20, 2018

So, Philadelphia is one of the most innovative cities on the globe.

What does that mean, in real life???

Well, according to the 11th annual Innovation Cities Index, the brainchild of Australian data research company 2thinknow, innovative cities are known for bringing in more profits, providing more local job opportunities, and being fertile grounds for investment.  The Index judges a city's ability to encourage technology and innovation within its geogrpahical limits.

This year, Philadelphia has been ranked 32nd on the list of 500...and that's 500 cities ACROSS THE PLANET.  Meaning, Philadelphia is the 32nd most innovative city on Earth.

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, Philadelphia.

Probably unsurprisingly, given its stature as the "robot Capital" of the world, Tokyo was voted the most innovative city, while Pittsburgh came in at 75th.

Here are the top 10 U.S. cities that made the list, as well as their overall ranking.

San Francisco (3)

New York (4)

Los Angeles (5)

Boston (7)

Chicago (11)

Dallas-Fort Worth (13)

Seattle (15)

Houston (17)

Atlanta (20)

San Diego (23)

The U.S. performed particularly well, with 37 cities appearing in the top 100.  This is predominantly due to American innovation to engage in business "as a service", such as subscription services, transportation apps, and grocery-delivery services.  I*n this manner, companies are making money through undervalued assets in the burgeoning digital economy.