Philly's IV Hydration Bar is Here to Cure Your Hangover read that correctly.

January 2, 2019

You may not be nursing that New Year's Eve hangover any more, but what about next weekend?  Or the one after that?  Isn't there ANY cure for the dreaded morning-after hangover???

Well, Philadelphia, you can relax.  Because now...for those with a few spare $20s in their pockets...there is on-demand IV hydration therapy to help you deal not only with hangovers, but a whole array of medical maladies...migraines, jet lag, menstrual cycles, dehydration, and looming colds, to name a few.

Enter City Hydration, Philly's own IV bar.  With locations at 13th and Sansom and also the Bellevue and Navy Yard, City Hydration features a luxurious lounge where you can receive your hydration therapy cuddled up in a warm blanket with an eye mask.  Treatments typically take 30-45 minutes, and are tailored towards your specific needs, whether they be headache relief, energy, or flu treatment.  

EVEN BETTER...for a concierge fee, City Hydration will come to you!  Now, we know what you're thinking, but these are real medical professionals with decades of experience placing the IVs, so you're in the safest possible hands.  There's an online waiver and health evaluation first, so all due precautions are taken to ensure you're a great candidate for IV therapy.

Right now, City Hydration is appointment only, so check out their website, and book an appointment here!