Sam Smith, Playing the Wells Fargo on July 4th, Opens Up About Therapy and Self-Care

The British singer/songwriter is, ironically, coming to Philadelphia on Independence Day

June 27, 2018

On this Get to Know Wednesday, we wanted to talk to you a bit about Sam Smith.  Now, let's get it out of the way right away:  Yes, it's ironic that a BRITISH singer/songwriter is coming to the city of Philadelphia on July 4th.  Yes, it's ironic that the day he's coming to play the Wells Fargo Center is the anniversary of the day the United States declared its independence from Britain.  Yes, we get it.  But let's move on.

Let's move on because there's actually a lot more to learn about Sam Smith than just the fact that he's British, a fantastic singer, and tends to be a bit darker than your average celebrity.

In an inteview with AP, Sam opened up about some changes that he's making, the direction of his next album, and his hopes for the future.

First of all, he regrets picking up the smoking habit less than a year ago, and is fighting the urge to light up every day.  He has cut out smoking, thankfully, because of its effect on his voice and his mood.  

Something else he has cut out?  Alcohol.

Says Sam, "I’m trying to really discover other joys in life instead of going out drinking and going clubbing. I’ve completely stopped drinking. I’m working out. I have my trainer on the road with me, which is amazing."

He discusses self-care, looking after his voice and his sleep to make the most of every performance.  His aim is good overall health, and in that vein, he has also started therapy.

"I started therapy recently, and I’m starting to truly understand that you can’t be happy all the time," he remarked.  "And life is like a sea, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s calm, and then sometimes it’s crazy and stormy. And you’ve just got to ride it, I guess."

Sam admits that he has periods of depression, and that his last record might have had a darker tone than most, due to his state of mind at the time:  Unsure about a relationship, new to fame, and confused about his place in it all.  His third album, he assures us, is, "a little more up."  He also admits that he is beginning to gain confidence a a songwriter, and that will be evident in this next record.

We LOVE Sam Smith, because of his honesty, his advocacy, and his talent.  This Fourth of July promises to be a great show, as his other North American appearances have been garnering high praise.

You can buy tickets for his show at the Wells Fargo Center on July 4th HERE.