Shawn Mendes Admits He Has No Game with the Ladies

In a recent interview, Shawn gets real about his anxiety and his music.

December 19, 2018



Shawn Mendes has great hair.  He has a great voice, great stage presence, and a great relationship with the thousands of fans who love him. 

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You'd think he would have his choice of beautiful, accomplished women for a companion.  But the issue?

"Dude, I have no game," Shawn recently admitted in an interview with Rolling Stone.

His inability to talk to the ladies aside, Shawn is reaching a new level of fame with every song he releases.  Three of his albums have hit Number One, and he's jetsetting around the world in a private jet, performing in Hungary, Portugal, the name it.  All told, he's playing 95 arenas on his tour, and...without fail...there will be countless girls waiting for a selfie with Shawn.  And the best thing about him?  He will take the time to take a photo with every single one.

But, life is not all peaches and cream for Shawn.  He suffers from pretty extreme anxiety, describing himself as neurotic, and tends to feel depressed at times.  He second-guesses his choices, obsesses about things beyond his control, and fears the worst.  What is his worst?  "It’s literally my biggest fear, to wake up tomorrow and nobody cares," he reveals.

Luckily, Shawn has learned some coping skills, like daily gym visits and vocal lessons to ground him.  He also makes it a priority to make time for the fans, whose reactions to his music help to reassure Shawn that he is correct in writing lyrics honestly.  After a recent release, "In My Blood", which includes the phrase, "Keep telling me it gets better...does it ever?", he was shocked by the public's reaction.  He originally felt very insecure about revealing something so personal, but the outpouring of support he received convinced him he was correct in writing his truth.

"This is why you talk about (things) that are actually real," he explained.  

As he's off traveling the world, we wish Shawn good luck and offer endless support in his management of anxiety.  More of us than anyone knows share his struggle, and his honesty about the subject can only help those who are unable to reach out.  When will we see you in Philly, Shawn???