Short Story Dispenser Debuts at PHL Airport

It's the first airport to offer this virtual library, a joint venture between PHL and the Free Library of Philadelphia.

August 15, 2018

For the weary traveler, now, the Philadelphia International Airport has something to offer besides day drinking, long lines, and that barefoot schlep through the security scanner.  Recently installed, there now exists a "Short Story Dispenser" in the Virtual Library of the Terminal D/E connector.

That's right...culture right at your fingertips, giving you something to do during those painful periods of waiting at the gate, with nary an outlet to be found to charge your phone.

This dispenser was invented by Short Édition, a French community publisher that accepts stories and classifies them by reading length.  It is a screenless kiosk which delivers, according to the traveler's desired length, a short story printed on eco-friendly paper.

The Free Library's Virtual Library was launched in 2014, and can now be utilized to provide access to its vast electronic archives.

Says library president and director Siobhan Reardon, “Having a kiosk at Philadelphia International Airport in the Library space there continues our outreach to people who may not be Free Library regulars, but who would enjoy a quick, accessible read."

It's safe to say that there will be more literature than ever gracing the hallways of's hoping you discover a new favorite story, and perk of airline travel to boot!