Singer/Songwriter Brynn Elliott in the 96.5 TDY Performance Lounge!

Empowered and educated...not to mention talented...she's the kind of role model who will make a difference through her songs.

August 1, 2018

Brynn Elliott's parents didn't go to college...they moved to Atlanta together with a dream and only $700 between them, making their way in the world and raising a family.  So when Brynn had a dream her sophomore year of high school about attending Harvard, and informed her parents that the Ivy League was now her goal, they had no frame of reference.  Together, the family began the process of applying to college, actually Googling what a college application looks like so she would be prepared.

At the same time, Brynn started playing music.

Brynn did NOT get into Harvard after she applied in high school.

Brynn DID get into Harvard after she took off a year and then applied again.

Brynn then worked her behind off, studying and songwriting, for four years.  Now, she is a Harvard graduate and a newly-signed artist, making this year pretty monumentous for the 23 year-old.  Moral of the story?  Dream big, set goals, and then make them happen.  Brynn Elliott is proof that determination and grit can get you far in this life, and her success now is a direct result of all the work she has put in to this point.

Brynn stopped by the 96.5 TDY Performance Lounge today for a brief acoustic performance, and was gracious enough to sit down with Bennett for a quick chat.

Brynn's single, "Might Not Like Me" has put her on the map, and it resonates.  In its lyrics, you hear an empowered young woman (with a great voice) who is going places, and it couldn't reflect more perfectly the constitution of its author.  We're excited to see where life takes her from here on out!  Thanks for stopping by, Brynn!