#TrendingTuesday: Seven Year-old Uses Birthday Money to Buy New Bicycle for Stranger in Need

After meeting a man at Target whose bike was stolen, little Matthew made a generous decision.

June 26, 2018

On #TrendingTuesday, we share the hottest trends sweeping the internet.  And you know what's really hot right now?  Kindness.

Suzanne Neve and her seven year-old son, Matthew, were leaving a Target in Orlando when a stranger ran up to them.  He reported that his bicycle had just been stolen, and was asking for any help they could offer.

Suzanne and Matthew waited with the man in a nearby McDonald's for the police to arrive.  While they waited, Matthew learned that the stolen bicycle was the stranger's only means of transportation; he rode it sometimes over 100 miles a week.  The man was understandably distraught.

Said Matthew, "I felt really, really, really bad, and I knew he couldn't get home.  So I thought to myself, 'What should I do?' I decided to get all my gift cards that I had, and give them to him."

That's right.  A newly seven-year old child, swimming in gift cards from a recent birthday, decided ON HIS OWN to use them for a random act of kindness.  All in all, Matthew spent $137 to buy the stranger a new bike.  According to Suzanne, the man was so taken aback by the gesture, he almost didn't accept.  He also offered to pay off the cost of the bike in housework at the Neves' home, but Matthew wasn't having it.  When asked, the stranger said he was "so grateful" for the act of kindness.

"It's always good to help people," Matthew added.

His parents, understandably, are overjoyed that their son selflessly took the opportunity to make a huge difference in someone's life.  Clearly, whatever style of parenting they're using is working!

Check out some images below from the Orlando Police Department's Twitter feed!