Want to Help (Further) Humiliate Tom Brady?

Crowdfunding has now begun to display a World-Championship-Eagles-themed billboard RIGHT in the middle of Boston.

July 23, 2018

Youi may have heard about the Super Bowl bet that went viral, the deal between a Patriots fan and an Eagles fan that has far-reaching consequences:

Gina Lewis made a bet with a coworker right after the Eagles victory in Super Bowl 52.  Her colleague OBVIOUSLY does not know Eagles fans, because look at the terms of the bet:

As you can guess...Gina won, and the unhappy Patriots fan was obligated to purchase billboard real estate for an homage to the Eagles' win...right in Boston, right in Patriots territory, right where everyone in New England who has ever looked down on the Eagles can see it.

Due to licensing laws, the image in Gina's tweet could not be used...but she worked with a huge Facebook Eagles group to create an approved image.  Says Gina, "...fans won’t be disappointed with our design.”

Now, with the amount of money the two agreed upon, Gina had the choice of selecting a billboard outside of the city, which could stand for a long period of time, or one directly in the heart of Boston, which she could only afford to fund for a short time.

Gina didn't like those choices.  She wants it right where it can embarrass Tom Brady the most, and she wants it there for a while.

Thus, a crowd-funding campaign.  

That's right...you can help rub New Englanders' faces in their Super Bowl loss by donating to the campaign which hopes to cover the $5,000 fee to erect the billboard for a month.  The organizer suspects more money than necessary will be raised, and the overflow is already designated to Carson Wentz's AO1 Foundation.  

Here's hoping this billboard teaches Patriots fans a valuable lesson about discounting the World Championship Eagles!!!