We Are Proud to Support Kate and Matthew Renner, Strong in the Face of Hardship

Operation Legacy gives back to those who have sacrificed for us all.

April 30, 2018

Kate and Matthew Renner have had a lot of disappointment and hardships in their life together.

They had planned a big wedding to celebrate their love, back in 2016.  Then they had to replace a car after Matthew was in a terrible car accident.  Then Kate needed an emergency appendectomy, which further depleted their savings.  Meanwhile, the house they had just purchased in Abington required extensive rennovations, to the point that they were forced to cancel the wedding in favor or a smaller, more intimate affair.

But, believe it or not, that is not the extent of it.  Their true strength comes from what they have gone through, separately and together, dating back to the early 2000s.  The sacrifices they have made, and the character they have shown through their journey, make the Travis Manion Foundation and Entercom proud to offer them assistance with the remodel of their home through Operation Legacy.

Matthew Renner enlisted in the Army's Airborne Infantry in 2003, a 3rd generation military member who was aiming for the discipline, compassion, and work ethic he saw in his father, dating back to the man's experiences during World War II.  He was deployed to Iraq, then to Kuwait, then back to Iraq.  He served as a Bradley Gunner and a 50 Cal. Gunner on a Humvee in Ramadi, known for being a particularly dangerous area.  

On August 6, 2006, Renner and his close friend Staff Sargeant Tracy Melvin were hit by an IED.  Staff Sargeant Melvin suffered fatal wounds, while Renner was knocked unconscious and awoke to severe blood loss.  Another close friend, Staff Sargeant Joshua Rath, rushed to his aid and applied a tournaquet, staying with Matthew until he made it to the med station.  Sadly, Staff Sargeant Rath later passed away from a suicide bomber attack.

Matthew Renner, Tracy Melvin, Joshua Rath

Returning to civilian society was difficult for Matthew, who retired medically in 2008 with 50% disability and suffers from nerve damage, PTSD, hearing loss, and head trauma.  He was awarded two Bronze stars and a Purple Heart for his service, but found reintegration into society difficult and struggled with a dependence to the prescribed pain medication upon which he gradually came to rely.

Matthew is nothing if not strong, however, and with the help of friends and family, is fully in recovery now after an intensive PTSD and Addiction treatment program.  He has gone back to school for specialty certifications, and with the help of a chocolate lab named Gunner, a gift from a family member during his time healing, he met the love of his life...the future Mrs. Katelyn Renner.

Now, the two are moving forward, even without their dream wedding, hoping to get their home safe and comfortable for a much-desired child.  Through Operation Legacy, Entercom and the Travis Manion Foundation are able to assist them with these home improvements, happy to pay back this veteran's sacrifice and his service to our country.  Keep checking back to follow their story, and don't forget to stick around for the big reveal when everything is said and done!