Who Will Be Meeting Demi Lovato in AC? Bennett has the answer!

We've got the winner of the Demi Lovato Meet and Greet Winning Weekend!

July 16, 2018

We just had our Demi Lovato Winning Weekend here at 96.5 TDY, where a pair of Demi Lovato Meet and Greets were up for grabs.  Demi's show is July 26th in Atlantic City, and we are so excited for some special listeners to score the opportunity to meet her in person!

Well, here we are on the other side, and we indeed have a very special winner!

One of the reason Demi Lovato's fans, known as #Lovatics, are so loyal has to do with Demi's unflinching honesty about the struggles she's faced.  Overcoming addiction and an eating disorder, and learning to manage her mental illness, she is an inspiration to the fans who may share some of those challenges.  This kindre connection is what led Sydney from Media to enter the Winning Weekend with her sister, Alex, in mind.

Alex, too, has struggled with depressing and disordered eating, and Sydney just knew the chance for her to meet her idol Demi, however far-fetched winning the contest may have seemed, was not something she could click right by.

And...you guessed it...Sydney and Alex are going to AC to meet Demi herself.

Bennett called Sydney to tell her the big news, and you can hear what she had to say below!