A Whole Lot of Murals About the Eagles Winning the Super Bowl: A List

We are the city of murals, after all, and why shouldn't there be...several...documenting one of our proudest moments?

September 6, 2018

Philadelphia, the "City of Murals", is a feast for the senses.  Through a combination of amazing artists, community engagement, and supportive nonprofits, our city has blossomed into a nationally-recognized artistic hub, and the countless murals throughout the city withstand that scrutiny.


We ALSO just won the Super Bowl.

And we are NOT shy about sharing that fact.

And why should we be?  It was DECADES in the making, the result of an amazing chemistry between team, coach, and fans, the crowning achievement for a city that for too long has been stigmatized in the sports arena.

So, it makes perfect sense...to us, anyway...that the city of murals should commemorate that moment in the best way it knows how:  With some Philadelphia Eagles World Championship Super Bowl 52 Winning murals.

Like this one, of the infamous "Philly Special", in South Philly:

Or this one, in Bella Vista, entitled...appropriately..."Bird Feed":

Or this one, across from the Linc, began in 2015 and updated with "Super Bowl Champion" in February:

OR, how about this one?  It's at Spike's Trophies in Northeast Philly, a mural-in-progress that now features coach Doug Pederson and five of his championship players:

And, of course, there's the Carciature at the Palm, at Broad and Walnut in Center City:

Want even more?  Here's "Bringing it Home", on the Hale Building, by renowned muralist Meg Saligman:

Yes, indeed, that's a lot of murals about one very specific thing...but could it BE anything better?  We think not.

So, on this very important day, as the season launches and we start the journey, keep an eye out for one of these murals...and who knows what else may pop up in the future???