You-Tuber Junji Koyama Plays with His Food...Literally

The internet sensation has been a sensation since before there was internet

July 26, 2018

There is a YouTube channel meant for all those children who couldn't stop playing witht their food.

Because you know what?  Even that particular breach in table manner etiquette can have amazing consequences, and You-Tuber Junji Koyama is living proof.

Behold, what this amazing musician of a man does:

That's right.  He makes instruments, out of food, and then plays them.  He plays them well.

Junji Koyama has been creating in this manner for years, making him a viral internet trend that pre-dates the internet.  And with his YouTube channel going strong with 25,000 subscribers...and more tuning in every can see why he's so popular.  After all, the first thing that greets a browser on his page is a video of him playing "Joy to the World" on a carrot...and we can all use a bit of joy like that any time of year.  It woule seem he is also an elementary school teacher, so we are legit jealous of his students that they get such a cool instructor.

So sit back, relax, and tune in, to see some produce repurposed and hear some beautiful music.  And remember...always play with your food.  :)