The Best & Easiest Cures for the Holiday Hangover

With celebrating usually comes a headache… not anymore!

November 25, 2019
The Best & Easiest Cures for the Holiday Hangover

PHILADELPHIA (WTDY-FM) – The Holidays are quickly approaching and so maybe those dreaded hangover-headaches.

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No matter how you celebrate, you may end up having a little too much eggnog… so to speak, and awaken the next morning really wishing you hadn’t. No need to fear, there are several ways to remedy this!

In addition to eating a good meal before getting festive, here are the TOP ways to get rid of the dreaded holiday hangover.

  1. Take Aspirin
  2. Drink or eat something with Caffeine
  3. Drink a Pedialyte or similar, replenishing beverage
  4. Drink Gatorade or similar sports drink
  5. Drink Water
  6. Eat bananas, eggs, and/or tomatoes
  7. Make a smoothie
  8. Take a nap
  9. (Last-ditch effort… Hair of the dog!)

Stay safe and remember to have a very Happy Holidays!


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