Best Ways to Destress While at Home

Being stuck inside can limit your stress relievers, so here are some other ideas to destress

March 18, 2020

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Change up the environment 

Even the slightest change in the environment can make a difference. This could be going from watching tv to reading a book. Stop reading your book and do a puzzle. Any change in environment could be a positive push towards destressing.

Practice breathing exercises.

Rhythmic Activity

This is a simple one, anything that you can do that has a rhythm to it. This could be listening to music, tapping pencils, playing an instrument… whatever you can think of!

Express your feelings.

This could consist of writing it down in a notebook, journals, telling your close friend or spouse, or even your pet (usually the best listeners). Getting it off your chest can provide huge relief.


Not the healthiest thing in the world, but hey, when you are home and stocked with all the necessities, maybe it's time to start experimenting and having fun with the different foods and recipes that you can work with! While you are cooking or eating, light a nice candle and really enjoy yourself.