Black Friday 2019 – The Top Shopping Tips & Tricks

Don’t let the lines, crowds, and chaos scare you – we’ve got you covered!

November 27, 2019
black friday

PHILADELPHIA (WTDY-FM) – Thanksgiving is quickly sneaking up us – a time to be thankful with family, friends, close and far dear ones – and the next morning, run out and try to snag the best deals you can. Ahhh… Black Friday.

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Here are some helpful tips to allow you to get the most out of this year’s Black Friday.

  1. Research products and deals ahead of Friday.
  2. Do online shopping to avoid the lines, crowds, and chaos.
  3. Save all coupons to your phone (or go old-school and print them out).
  4. Follow brands on social media (& activate their notifications) to stay up-to-date on exactly what is happening.
  5. Download brand & store apps on your phone (many times, there will be exclusive deals there).
  6. Make a shopping plan – and be ready to change your plan as needed.
  7. Don’t get anything at full price (well, obviously).
  8. Always ask for gift receipts while purchasing.
  9. Don’t panic if you don’t get the deal you wanted – remember, it’s just stuff.

Have a very happy and safe Holiday!


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