Drive Thru COVID Test Site Opened in South Philly on Friday

If you are exhibiting Coronavirus symptoms, you can now get tested in South Philadelphia for free.

March 24, 2020
South PHiladelphia

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In case you might be exhibiting symptoms in Philadelphia, a brand new COVID-19 testing site opened on Friday right by the sports stadiums in South Philly. The site was operational from 2-6 p.m. each day so far.

The site has seemed to be effective, testing 400+ people, which mainly included workers in the healthcare field, which are priority at the testing site. In order to be tested, the site does have specific criteria: workers in healthcare are top priority on the list, then people over the age of 50 who have symptoms that are “characteristic of the coronavirus”.

According to, there have been a total of 128 confirmed cases in Philadelphia and 129 cases confirmed in Montgomery County.

To be tested, you do not need an appointment and test are free for people that fit the criteria. They do ask that you bring along your driver’s license, or state issued photo ID along with any health care information, but those without healthcare are still welcome to the site. Long lines should be expected.

Council member Kenyatta Johnson has approved of the use of the South Philly parking lots because they are far away from residents’ homes.

Johnsons’ offices are closed currently, but he still responds to voicemails, (215) 686-3412, and social media requests.