Get 58 Cent Pancakes at IHOP Tomorrow

Basically July 16th is everyone's birthday

July 15, 2019
Get 58 Cent Pancakes at IHOP Tomorrow, July 16th To Honor Its 61st Birthday

In honor of IHOP's 61st birthday, get a 58-cent "Short Stack" of pancakes at restaurants nationwide from 7am-7pm.

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This pancake house originally started in Toluca Lake, CA and is literally offering these pancakes for less than when they first opened on July 16th, 1958.

Check out IHOP's official statement for even more of the nitty-gritty, ooey-gooey details. Find locations here. One short stack of three Original Buttermilk pancakes per person, dine-in only.

IHOP? IHOB? IHOC? Whatever they are now, we're here for this.