'National Dog Mom's Day' Is May 11 & Here's What You Need To Know

Time to celebrate you and your furry pupperchino!

May 10, 2019

FINALLY, a day completely dedicated to us.

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May 11th is officially National Dog Mom's Day everywhere. Meaning, we come together to celebrate all of those early mornings and late night pee-runs (when you really just want to stay in bed), spending more on your fur baby than you spend on your best friend, and recognizing just how much time you spend and love you give to your four-legged paw-esome partner.

Rover says that over 40% of dog moms say they've stayed up till the wee-hours on the morning, comforting their dog and over 24% have actually called out of work just to stay home with their sick or upset pupperino.

According to Google, National Dog Mom's Day doesn't technically start until 10am on May 11th. This delayed start time provides you with ample time to prepare (and maybe even get a mimosa or two in!)

Happy Mother's Day Weekend! Be sure to treat yourself today, and treat your good one, too.

My dogs are seasoned travelers, but they’ve never done a road trip until now! They absolutely LOVED our road trip to Lake Tahoe. Nellie was totally in her element. & Luke... well, he’s just happy anywhere there’s food. & I’m happy anywhere I have my pups ---- what’s the furthest you’ve traveled with your pet? How was it? -- #dogmom

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