Meet Dozer, Bennett's PSPCA Pet of the Week

This good one is ready for adoption!

September 2, 2020
PSPCA Pet of the Week with Bennett: Dozer

Meet Dozer, Bennett's PSPCA Pet of the Week!

Hey there! My name is Dozer. My friends call me Doz or Dozie. I like being outside, sleeping, peanut butter and music (Enya and Bob Marley are my faves.) I don't like bananas and pounding the city streets (it hurts my little paws.) While we're not sure what kind of dog I am, we do know that I'm 100% adorable. People have literally stopped traffic to tell me I'm cute! I am house trained, can sit (I'm working on my other commands) and can walk on a leash. I'm looking for someone to help me continue my progress. If we're being honest, I may be a bit anxious the first few days that we're together (but who isn't anxious in 2020??) Although they don't stop me from running, I'm told that my little back legs are slightly deformed, which will turn into arthritis when I'm old. (...but you may get arthritis when you're old too! So, why don't we grow old and get arthritis together??) I am a special adoption behaviorally so you do have to talk to one of my best friends before meeting me! Hope to meet you soon!

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Dozer is currently seeking adoption at the PSPCA, adopt today!