Meet Haze, Bennett's PSPCA Pet of the Week

This good one is ready for adoption!

October 19, 2020
PSPCA Pet of the Week with Bennett: Haze

Meet Haze, Bennett's PSPCA Pet of the Week!

A larger-than-life lady who recently came into our care from ACCT, and was whisked away to foster care while she awaits her forever family. Her foster family fell immediately in love with her and sent the following glowing report: "Haze is a sweet, loving, affectionate, caring dog! She loves to be around our 8 and 10-year-old kids, often searching them out throughout the house. She seems to be a loyal dog, preferring to stick by your side, lay next to you when you're working or watching TV. She's bonded quickly to all 4 of us in the house. She just wants to be loved and share her love with others! She'd make a great companion!"

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Haze is currently seeking adoption at the PSPCA, adopt today!


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