Meet Lorenzo, Bennett's PSPCA Pet of the Week

This good one is ready for adoption!

August 6, 2020
PSPCA Pet of the Week with Bennett: Lorenzo

Meet Lorenzo, Bennett's PSPCA Pet of the Week!

Lorenzo is currently seeking adoption at the PSPCA, adopt today!

Meet the future love of your life, LORENZO. He's a handsome bachelor looking for his forever. He's a little chatterbox and is ready and willing to let you know it's dinner time or when wants to play or he wants more pets. He's a snuggle boy and would rather be snoozing alongside you than anywhere else in the house. You don't have to worry about smothering him with affection, though, he is all for it. He loves his toys or anything that could be perceived as a toy - could be your arm, a piece of paper, his wand, or a crinkle ball. Lorenzo loves his playtime just as much as snuggle time. He likes to stay groomed. (Ok, that one may be a bit of a stretch as he sometimes emerges from the litter box with dust on his face, but he is a very good boy for nail trimmings and always using his litter box for potty.) He's a little socialite. Have other animals in the house open to a new friend? Lorenzo wants to meet them. He would love a posse of his own to roll around the house with. (He is sleeping with his chin resting on the resident dog as you read this.) Cats, dogs - he's friends with them all! Want to learn more about Lorenzo? Email today!