Swearing And Drinking Are Acceptable, Even Encouraged In New 'Rage Yoga' Class

I think I might actually start doing yoga

May 6, 2019

It's like yoga, but fun!

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Rage Yoga, as it's called by founder Lindsay Istace, includes stretching, shouting, swearing, and even drinking beer. (Makes sense, right?)

The idea here is -- instead of trying to calm your inner emotions and thoughts with regular yoga, rage yoga allows you to just let them out -- making you feel just as renewed and ready to handle the day, supposedly. In a sense, it's reverse psychology yoga.

Rage Yoga is soon to be, well, all the rage.

You can learn more here.

Repost from @integrative_asana! If you’re in the #Houston area, be sure to check out #rageyoga with Ashley at Brash Brewing! It’s a hell of a time. --#zenasfuck #integrativeasana #yoga #zenasfuck #zenaf

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