These Foods Will Jump Start Your Body In The Morning, Giving You Tons Of Energy!

PLOT TWIST - you'll actually have energy!

May 16, 2019

So, you wake up in the morning, and you are still TIRED. (Like me, tbh... UH!)

Here are some of the top foods that will energize you right up!


1. Honey

This instant sugar kick will jumpstart your bodily engine into high gear. Kind of an obvious choice, when you think about it.

2. Oats

These things have fiber called "beta-glucan" which help with fullness and cardiovascular health, and also have bountiful cholesterol-reducing properties and antioxidants, too.

3. Eggs


4. Quinoa

Small but powerful, quinoa actually helps to regulate your blood sugar levels, therefore, helping you maintain your energy throughout your day.

5. Salmon

PLOT TWIST. Yeah, salmon. This fish is chock-full of B-vitamins, which naturally increase your energy levels!

6. Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is basically a foodie's blank canvas. It provides essential proteins, carbohydrates, and good fats to kick off your morning. Plus, you can add literally whatever you please on top!


Let us know what foods you eat to pump you up in the morning here!

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