Top 5 Houseplants To Help You with Your Allergies


May 3, 2019

If you're like most American's, you're probably allergic to something. Maybe it's animal fur, dander, or you have some level of seasonal allergies.

These wonderful plants listed below may be able to help you with your symptoms.

1. Dracaena

This common house plant actually traps allergens from the air in its leaves. These grow to be quite large, and also need plenty of sunlight.

2. Gerbera Daisies

Okay, this one might not be the best for seasonal allergies (like pollen, for example), but Gerbera flowers are known to filter benzene out of the air. Benzene is a common chemical in tobacco smoke, pesticides, dyes, etc. Gerbera daisies, too, need much sunlight.

3. Bamboo Palm

Many tropical plants help the quality of air (I mean, that's what they do down there in the rainforests!) And, like all other plants, the bamboo palm filters carbon monoxide, xylene, formaldehyde, and other carbons out of your air.

These also repel insects, believe it or not!

4. Dracaena Marginata Colorama

These plants not only improve air quality and remove harmful chemicals, but they also help to control the humidity inside of your home or apartment. (Dry air worsens most allergy symptoms.)

This offshoot of the Dracaena needs not much light and is quite low-maintenance.

5. English Ivy

Mold problems or allergies? This is the plant for you. English ivy has been shown to reduce airborne mold spores. Bye-bye, mold allergies!


Who would've thought your plant addiction could actually you help with your allergies?