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Coop is OBSESSED with music and concerts and everything that goes with it!  He has been working in radio for almost two decades and loves to be goofy and make people laugh.  Coop started in radio in Virginia Beach and has been lucky enough to work in radio in Seattle, Pittsburgh and Detroit.    

He is a proud hubby and father to 3 kids (Jude, Lennon and Cash) and is the self-proclaimed biggest basketball fan of all time!

Coop has been lucky enough to talk to some of the biggest names in music including Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars and even former President Barack Obama. 

When he’s not waking up before the sun to make people laugh on the radio, he is at home playing with his kids, binge watching shows with his wife on Netflix or working with charities around the area to raise awareness and money!

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