Murphy rips YouTubers who attracted huge crowd in NJ

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  Gov. Phil Murphy is publicly castigating a group of YouTube personalities for a prank that drew a huge crowd of unmasked people to Seaside Heights.    

The trio called the Nelk Boys drew hundreds of mostly unmasked young people to the house made famous by MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” It was a situation in a pandemic that Murphy blasted.

“On Monday night we saw perhaps our most extreme which is saying something, by the way and egregious display of knucklehead behavior in Seaside Heights set off by a group of YouTube pranksters who succeeded in getting the notoriety they wanted but obviously don’t deserve,” Murphy said. “These so-called influencers need to be taken to task.”

He said the state was the “latest stop on their tour of willful negligence for public health.”

Eight people in the crowd were arrested, mostly for disorderly conduct. 

“It was irresponsible from top to bottom in every respect,” the governor said.

Murphy said just because young people believe they’re invincible doesn’t mean they actually are.

“I urge anyone this is important anyone who was in that crowd to go get tested.  That kind of gathering is how coronavirus spreads most easily,” he added. 

The state health commissioner said the virus is spreading most rapidly among young people aged 14 to 24.​