12 of Katy Perry's Most Colorful Dresses and Fashion Looks

Katy Perry 's rocked the colorful looks as long as we can remember. The California girl has always had a penchant for channeling the vacay vibes in her clothes. To celebrate her birthday -- which is Oct. 25 -- we've put together a few of her most colorful dresses from over the years. Photo credit...
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boxes of capri sun at a grocery story

You Can Get a Swimsuit that Looks Just Like a Capri Sun Pouch in Time for Summer

As Justin Timberlake reminds every year around this time, it is Ma y. That means that bathing suit season is closing in and fast. And for all you grown-up kids there’s some new summer fashion that will keep you swimming in nostalgia all season long, quite literally. Los Angeles clothing brand...
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Coop and Casey


A survey recently found that 66 percent of Americans have a cringeworthy look or fashion regret from their past. From shoulder pads were #1, wildly dyed hair #2, a bad perm #3, bagging clothing is #4 and hair gel is #5! We asked about yours on air & on Twitter: What is your cringeworthy fashion...
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Iconic Oscars Fashion: Red Carpet Styles We’re Still Talking About

One of the biggest draws of the Academy Awards is seeing who is wearing what. Over the years certain celebrities upped their fashion game and they still have us talking years later. You’d be hard-pressed to discuss Academy Award fashion without talking about the iconic Bob Mackie sequined gown and...
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Silhouette woman travel with luggage looking without window at airport terminal international or girl teenager traveling in vacation

5 Fashion Mistakes Most People Make When Traveling

You may look cute, but....
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90's Fashion Trends Making a Comeback this Spring

Oh, the 1990's were an interesting time for fashion! I remember rocking the alterna-chick look with Dr. Martin boots, chokers, and flowery boho dresses. Spring hasn't arrived across the country just yet, but we're learning a lot about what fashion trends will be cool when the temperatures begin to...
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