Study Finds Someone Smiling at You Makes You Just as Happy as Receiving $25,000

A study out of Technische University in Munich wanted to measure what exactly makes us happy. Turns out, you don’t need $25,000 to be happy because a smile is free. Find out more now.
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Katie Fehlinger Debuts ‘My Happy Place: How I DIY'd My Own Bliss,’ A Book On DIY-ing Your Own Happiness

Katie Fehlinger Debuts ‘My Happy Place,’ A Book On DIY-ing Your Own Happiness

This former Philadelphia meteorologist shares how to reinvent your life for the better.
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8 Great Things Happening in The World Right Now

De-stress your mind with these 8 heartwarming things.
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Life Gets Easier Once You Hit 44

According to a new study, at least!
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Want to Live Longer? See More Concerts, Science Says

Science says the more shows the merrier.
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