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Survey finds Americans getting less time alone, feeling exhausted due to the pandemic

Quarantine has left Americans feeling a bit burnt out. A study found that people are feeling exhausted by the overwhelming nature of the pandemic and struggling to find time alone. Read more now.
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Mom Posts Work-From-Home Video to Inspire Other Parents: 'You're Not Alone'

As many continue to work from home during the pandemic, a mother in Chicago wanted to inspire other parents. She posted a time-lapse video of herself working from home.
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Survey Finds 60% of Americans Think COVID-19 Changed the Way We Work for the Better

Are you a fan of working from home or do you hate it? That’s what companies are trying to find out in the post-coronavirus world. The new survey reveals most people enjoy new working conditions. Read on now.
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work from home

Best Tips on How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Some top-tips to help you conduct your “normal” day-to-day from home.
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