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Voting Rules

Please Note: This is an Award Show, not a contest run by WTDY-FM, and has no prize of monetary value for voting.

VOTE LIMITS: Public Posts/Tweets, and Replies Voting is unlimited. Voting online via Web at 965TDY.com is limited to once-per-hour. Voting in Twitter Polls is limited to once-per-Category. 

FOLLOWING: If you are already following @965TDY, you do not need to unfollow and refollow. Be sure to include “Following” or "Followed" in your Public Posts/Tweets and/or Retweets and Replies for 100x votes. Our software does check that you are following us when counting Public Posts/Tweets containing “Following” or "Followed".

VOTE COUNTING & TRACKING: Online Voting is tallied electronically and transparently through SecondStreet polls. Each Category’s social media Voting is counted through Sprout Social Media Analytics Software (#TDYAwards and @965TDY are required for accurate counting). Social Media Data is then exported to a spreadsheet and sorted by Category, Nominee, and Voting Type. Nominee Vote Counts are then imported to a secure, formulated Excel spreadsheet where the Nominee Vote Counts are weighed by Point Values and/or Point Multipliers, as explained in How to Vote, to produce the Nominee Ranks.

ALL POSTS must be Public in order to be counted.

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